Do you think you are doing well, but do not seem to be making money?
Do your financials seem to have larger adjustments at the end of the year?
Do your employees not have a clear idea of who reports to who, or what their role is?
Have you not received a new idea from your accounting team for years?
Do your financials seem to have larger adjustments at the end of the year?
Do you have a succession plan in place? (Do I sell or do I pass it down?)
Has your banking relationship been reviewed within the last 2 years?

BIZMEDICA helps your business focus on revenue-driving activity and long-term sustainability.

Owning and operating a business is a difficult journey with a lot of challenges and risks along the way — and like all great risks, the reward can be just as great if you’re thoroughly prepared. BIZMEDICA can help during all aspects of your business journey, whether your business is in its infancy stage or running at full throttle with millions in revenue/profit.

BIZMEDICA helps evaluate your value, profit and people. Having the right team around you is key at the beginning, the middle and the end of your business. BIZMEDICA helps your business set appropriate timelines and financial goals while keeping you focused on investing in your success.


BIZMEDICA can help grow your business

BIZMEDICA will help grow your business steadily and illustrate how to keep track of what your ROIs and other pertinent data points are early on in order to stay true to what your data tells you. The research, knowledge and skills specific to your business endeavor are definitely key, but so are the financial hurdles, employment issues and industry specific challenges..

A Few Questions:

Do your supervisors seem to have mini empires and in turn tell you they are the only ones that can solve their inherent problems?
Do you know what you should be looking at regarding your monthly financials in order to determine trends, needs, etc?
Do you have a five year plan, or even a one year plan for the business? Do you tend to take each day as it comes? Reactive vs proactive?
Do you review key performance indicators (KPIs) of your financials monthly?
Do you review your financials monthly?
Do your accountants tell you you are making money, but you do not see it in the numbers?
When you review your numbers, does something just not seem right?
Do you know how much debt you can handle?
Does your accounting team give you a competitive advantage?
Do your books show a good profit, and then when your CPA reviews, there are large entries you do not anticipate?
Do you have a written budget?
Do you know when you can afford to hire a key employee or buy an asset?
Do you have an organizational chart?
Does your financial team have time for you?
Is your banking team strong? Are you relying on just one bank officer to determine if you have access to capital?
What is your plan for capital investment and debt reduction?
Do you ask why you are not making more money from the business?
What is the most recent “new idea” brought by your CPA or accounting team?
Are you deploying cash efficiently?

Areas of Expertise

Examining processes to see that all revenue and expenses are processed correctly.

Examining the organization so that all roles are clear and known.

We have consistently saved more money than was spent on BIZMEDICA’s services. If you pay us more than we save you, you will be the first.

Examine past years taxes, to determine whether or not excessive tax payments were made/filed.

Examine and give an idea on how much debt can be absorbed, and help find a bank to take that debt at no additional charge.

Flexible payment options: Flat fee or formula for 25% of two years worth of savings.